Rei Satoshi

Guitar chorus
Rei Satoshi is a Japanese composer, arranger, guitarist, regular member of Japan copyright association (Jasrac) and Sena and works as a producer at Sakura Music & Art. She worked a lot in the music industry in Japan. She released eight lead albums. She composed many songs for CD, commercial music, animation, films, etc. As guitarist she supported many singers. Also worked at a music school as music teacher in Tokyo. She hooked up with a French composer and she decided to move to France (Paris) in 2000. In 2003 she moved to the Netherlands (Amsterdam). In Amsterdam she met with musicians from all over the world and from there she followed up her activities through Europe, The United States and Asia. She is a phenomenal female guitarist. In the company of “No Smoke” she excells again as an skilled guitarist producing a unique sound.
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