Franklin Madjid

Bass chorus
Franklin Madjid is a legend in the Dutch music scene. He is Indonesian-Dutch, originally from Delft and now living in Amsterdam. He is famous for his role as the bass player of the Dutch legendary band “Tee-Set”. The band was a world success in late 60’s and early 70’s. Tee-Set put The Netherlands on the map in the music history. They made several world tours. Nowadays he is a leader of Amsterdam music scene. He continuously organises many jam sessions for the public. He is enthusiastic about helping the young generation and people appreciate him as a person as well as his bass playing. He is excellent bass player. His bass playing supports and pushes whatever music. Even now the Amsterdam music scene can’t do without him. And he likes to be busy in playing music for the people. He never stops!!! His bass lines are unbeatable!
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