Band Profile

"NO SMOKE" is a Amsterdam based band. Their music is beyond categories like Blues/Country/Rock'n'Roll and Pop Rock. They perform original songs, that came to life in close harmony of them all. They gained a strong profile through the band's repeated appearances at the Maloe Melo, a world famous Amsterdam live music bar where many world class musicians showed up on stage.

The band was melded down by four musicians considered among the best players in the Amsterdam music scene in October 2016.

Franklin Madjid (Bass, Chorus) is from the Dutch Legend Band "Tee Set",

Kevin Chapman (Vocal, Guitar) is from the English band "Old Tennis Shoes",

Rei Satoshi (Guitar, Chorus) is a studio session composer/guitarist from Japan.

Johnny Contini (Drums, Chorus) has a long history as a drummer in The Netherlands.

Currently the Band is working hard in the studio to get the best versions recorded out of the broad repertoire they bring on stage. The new Album will be released as soon the restrictions of the pandemic are lifted.

The stage performance is an unique experience that won’t keep you sitting in your chair. As soon No Smoke will be given the chance again to get on stage we will let you know immediately but we invite you to make an early bird booking right away and WhatsApp our manager directly and call Edu at 0031614908257 
Let's get introduced!


No Smoke Live registration @ Maloe Melo

We can say Maloe Melo is home

A Moment

it can take longer than that

Early in the Morning

Quite often

Come and See us Play Live!!!

Let it rain

When it does


We love mountains

Early in the Morning

Quite often

Live at 't Monumentje

Cafe 't Monumenta small café with a big atmosphere!
We like how we sound together, let us know if we are music to your ears too!

In big or small theaters

We are not so picky when it comes to the stages we are invited to play. Big or small, we love 'm all.
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