Band Profile

"NO SMOKE" is a band from Amsterdam based on Blues/Country/Rock'n'Roll and Pop Rock. They perform original songs. The band was started by experienced professional musicians in October 2016. Let's get introduced!

In big or small theaters

We are not so picky when it comes to the stages we are invited to play. Big or small, we love 'm all.

Band Biography

“No Smoke” was organized in October 2016 in Amsterdam by Kevin Chapman (vocal, guitar) Rei Satoshi (guitar,chorus) and Franklin Madjid (bass,chorus) In April 2014 they met each other at a music session in Amsterdam. Then they started playing together every week but it was still not a band. They are all experienced musicians and know their way in the music industry.

Franklin Madjid still does a lot of leading jam session work on a regular basis. Kevin and Rei led their own music session too. The day came where they started to help each other. It felt like a good opportunity of starting something together with idea of the songs and polish the songs step by step. It was a really meaningful time for building up the combination and ensemble between Kevin, Rei & Franklin.

After that they build up their own way of ensemble with great dynamics & sensitivity. They perform their original songs. It had big meaning for them performing songs of their own. Their music is a mixture of Rock, Rock - Pop, Blues, Country. The band shows great improvisation skills that help polishing the songs after every performance. Now they have reached a point of “no return” and are passionately working on a new album that promises to be an awesome piece of work. The band is still growing in character and are always remarkably close to their audiences who the keep on surprising. 

Until they invited Johnny Contini, they couldn’t find a decent drummer. Before Johnny came in the band, they used to play with several different drummers. Nevertheless Kevin, Rei & Franklin build up great ensemble already, it was not easy to find a certain drummer who could share the feeling and drive they have for the music they love playing. They knew Johnny from the past as fine drummer but it took a while to invite him into the band. In March 2018 finally Johnny became the official drummer. By his joining, the band grew stronger and even more passionate in their drive in getting new songs to the public. 

How they came to name the band “No Smoke” you might wonder? One day at a performance in the middle of 2017, they made a joke about the quality of their performance. Then Kevin pulled an English phrase saying: “When people in Britain see a magic show and applaud to its excellence, people praise it by saying that it was “No Smoke”!!! Meaning “no trick !” This is the real deal. Then Rei, Kevin and Franklin decided that it was a good name for the band. A band was born. Since that moment in August 2017, they were named as “No Smoke” officially. No Tricks!!! What you see is what you get and we can promiss you it will be magic.


Go to our performances on video

Kevin Chapman 

Vocal Guitar
Kevin Chapman is a British musician (vocalist, guitarist) who lives in Amsterdam. He is well known as a member of his previous band “Old Tennis Shoes” He was born in England and grew up in Libya and Cyprus. When he got back to England, he started his music career at a very young age. O.T.S (Old Tennis Shoes) performed in Europe and in the United States. The band performed at big music festivals and released many albums. The band was quite successful. Kevin is such characteristic singer and guitarist. Also he is fine composer. Since “Old Tennis Shoes” fell apart, he started many different music activities for the public in the Netherlands. His playing guitar style is one of a kind and textbook to study for future guitarists. After an short interval he decided to play in a band again. That became to be “No Smoke”

Rei Satoshi

Guitar chorus
Rei Satoshi is a Japanese composer, arranger, guitarist, regular member of Japan copyright association (Jasrac) and Sena and works as a producer at Sakura Music & Art. She worked a lot in the music industry in Japan. She released eight lead albums. She composed many songs for CD, commercial music, animation, films, etc. As guitarist she supported many singers. Also worked at a music school as music teacher in Tokyo. She hooked up with a French composer and she decided to move to France (Paris) in 2000. In 2003 she moved to the Netherlands (Amsterdam). In Amsterdam she met with musicians from all over the world and from there she followed up her activities through Europe, The United States and Asia. She is a phenomenal female guitarist. In the company of “No Smoke” she excells again as an skilled guitarist producing a unique sound.

Franklin Madjid

Bass chorus
Franklin Madjid is a legend in the Dutch music scene. He is Indonesian-Dutch, originally from Delft and now living in Amsterdam. He is famous for his role as the bass player of the Dutch legendary band “Tee-Set”. The band was a world success in late 60’s and early 70’s. Tee-Set put The Netherlands on the map in the music history. They made several world tours. Nowadays he is a leader of Amsterdam music scene. He continuously organises many jam sessions for the public. He is enthusiastic about helping the young generation and people appreciate him as a person as well as his bass playing. He is excellent bass player. His bass playing supports and pushes whatever music. Even now the Amsterdam music scene can’t do without him. And he likes to be busy in playing music for the people. He never stops!!! His bass lines are unbeatable!

Johnny Contini

Drums Chorus
Johnny Contini is Dutch- Italian drummer also living in Amsterdam. He started his music carreer as a singer and guitarist in a band. Soon after that he found out that playing drums was his real passion. He participated in many music activities and projects. He played in several Dutch pop and rock bands. He worked for music-theatre productions as well. He also organised jam sessions for the public. At the same time he was the owner of a recording studio on different locations in 80”s & 90’s. He played a lot of different roles in making music. That makes him a very versatile musician. When he was asked to join No Smoke, he didn’t hesitate. He gives a distinquished sound, quality and power to the band.
We like how we sound together, let us know if we are music to your ears too!
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